seeburg v200




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original Seeburg v200

Here ,s the story, some crazy fool did top chopt this model,,1955,, jukebox in the year 1966 to a horror jukebox as you can see on picture 0ne. its heartbreaking what go,s on in some peoples minds, BUT !!!!!now ill try to find back all missing parts from all over the world,while preparing ill will give it a nice handpaint job,  and rebuilding it (not restaurating) to leave it original as much as possible , just make it complete and good workin , with a great (the best ) sound,  to the original Model Seeburg v200 as mend to be, and produced in the year  1955,  lets get this one straight !!!!!  SEEBURG V200 the ultimate KING OF JUKEBOXES !!!!!!!!!a bit expencive as i know for now, and i,am very sure !! Believe me on scouts honor !!0))))))  but nice work for a Seeburg v and vl200 collector like me